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However, Sizakele finds herself troubled by her secretive ordeals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions. Will her conscious allow her to do whatever it takes to stop her sneaky behavior? or will she continue and hope she never gets caught.

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Fun Fact Corner
The final chapter of Keeping Secrets was written in a taxi on the author's trip to the office.

About the author 

Sarah Banda, writes books which are relatable and will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride but will make you question certain aspects of your life as to whether you are living in your imagination or simply living your dream. She is well known for her blog: Discovering Leticia (My anxiety) which is a great read for anyone living with anxiety or anyone who knows someone with anxiety.

She also writes fiction and nonfiction books which touch on challenges of the everyday life.

She believes that life's little pleasures are sweet hence her love for chocolate and yogurt.


She lives to conquer is the author's first published book, inspired by her own life and those of the people around her.


Growing up in the suburbs but having to spend most of her life in a township in South Africa, Princess faces the loss of her father and almost loses her own life in a tragic accident but when you have had to stare death in the eye and come back running you start to have a different look at life. The best thing about being a young black woman in a township well-known for crime is that you get a daily dose of drama but sometimes things are not as mediocre as they seem.



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